80 Grenfell Street – Awarded Sustainability ‘Trifecta’

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epc.Pacific has delivered on their sustainability ambition and undertaking.

80 Grenfell Street is the first “bank” building to achieve all three coveted credentials for environmental sustainability (construction, design and interior fit out), according to the Green Building Council of Australia. The building has achieved a five star Green Star rating on the interior fit out this week, while in July 2014, the building was granted this rating for both construction (as-built) and design.

“The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank building is the first bank in South Australia to operate from a building that has the ‘trifecta’ of Green Star ratings for design, construction and interiors,” said Patrick Smith, CEO of epc.Pacific.

He said the outcome was in-line with the company’s policy of creating and producing “Next Generation” accommodation and was a great story of collaboration towards achieving a sustainable design outcome in all aspects of the building. The new building features natural materials and underfloor air-conditioning, which is a much healthier and more energy efficient alternative to traditional cooling. Staff enjoy an open plan office space and balconies on several floors which overlook the Adelaide Hills, while the large indoor and outdoor terrace recognises the need for a green space to reenergise on the job.

Other green features include:
· Two central atria to maximise internal natural light
· Internal stairs to encourage connectivity and reduce need for lifts
· Work stations positioned within 12 metres of glass
· Balconies overlooking Adelaide Hills
· Australian designed and made furniture
· Sensor lighting for energy efficiency
· Showers, change rooms and lockers to promote cycling and running

“80 Grenfell Street has been a great example of alignment and value creation, that has been delivered by our team, for all stakeholders in the project. It is a project and building of which we are very proud and has set the benchmark that we will meet and exceed in all future landmark projects.”